About Us

Great Scott's is a Gas Station/Convenience store that has provided Rexburg, Idaho with premium service for years. Serving the local community and the students of Brigham Young University-Idaho is Great Scott's top priority. Great Scott's is owned and operated by the Leishman family. Having been part of the community their entire lives they are dedicated to keeping the small town friendliness that has always been found and enjoyed at Great Scott's.

The Store Formerly Known As Horkleys

In October 2011 Rexburg's beloved watering hole got a new identity - Great Scott's. For years the local hot spot was Horkleys; cheap drinks, cheap movie rentals, and a fun environment always provided for a fun time in Rexburg. Although there is a new name Great Scott's is still the same familiar place. And now some history:

For those of you who may not know Scott Leishman was a daily customer and also the father of our store’s owner. Every morning before tackling another day of hard work he would come into the store and fill his mug with soda, Mountain Dew at first and then Sobe after he gave up caffeine. He would affectionately call his refills “Sups” and would be heard inviting people that worked with him to go get a Sup with him.

His routine was exactly the same every day: come in, greet the person at the counter, wash out his mug, playfully splash whoever came in with him that day with water from the rinse and pay for his refill even though, as father of the owner, he was told his drinks were free. That was just the kind of guy he was, kind hearted and fun loving.

In the winter of 2010 Scott was involved in a snowmobiling accident that claimed his life. He was a man deeply loved by all who knew him. We love him and we miss him.

Over the course of the month long Name Change Challenge, we recieved a ton of different submissions. Some made us laugh, others made us think, and some just plain confused us but we were humbled by the outpour of interest. We didn't want to leave anyone out and yet we wanted to pick a name that really personified the warm, fun-loving feel that we've always wanted our store to be and to continue being

Thats why when we read Devin Shaum's last minute submission for the name change we felt that it was the right fit. Our store has always been a place that we’ve tried to make fun loving and enjoyable for our customers, just like Scott was for everyone around him. So without further adieu our new name: Great Scott’s. We hope we can live up to the name.